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Anna Gill – Anna Juliet Creative

If you would like to meet Anna, she is normally at The Gallery on Fridays. Please call The Gallery on 01249 471447 to make an appointment.

Anna Gill is the face behind Anna Juliet Creative – she creates the designs applied to the finest silk to create limited edition silk scarves. Anna believes, as Keats so beautifully put it, that ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ She is inspired by nature and the experience of things of beauty from around the world and across the centuries.

Reflection is a key element in her artistic process, whether the reflection of contemplation, reflections on water, or the symmetry of reflection. She has always been fascinated by the exquisite lustre of silk, and this beautiful medium enhances the vibrancy of the jewel-like colours and delicate shading of my designs.

I create from a place of joy and hope you feel that joy when you wear these silk scarves. Wrap yourself in art and take the beauty with you.