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We invite you to embark on a visual journey, celebrating the diverse talents of residents and visiting artists.

About Our Gallery

Experience the charm of our award-winning Gallery, situated in the heart of Corsham, Wiltshire. Founded by resident artist Ali Haynes in January 2022, our Gallery embodies Ali’s artistic vision. It serves as a sanctuary for emerging talents and established artists alike. Our space fosters creative exploration, nurturing vibrant artistic journeys and fostering a strong sense of community spirit.


Explore Our Exhibitions

Step into our Gallery and experience a rotating array of exhibitions that tell unique stories and capture the essence of artistic innovation. From the captivating brushstrokes of local artists to the thought-provoking perspectives of our esteemed guest artists, each visit promises a journey through a world of creativity.

What's On

Art For Sale

Explore the online shop of The Corsham Gallery to bring the enchantment of our resident artists’ creations directly into your space, supporting local talent with each curated purchase.

Giclee Prints

Kate Bates


Resin Art

Art By Ali


Dandelion Lino Cut

Joanne Spencer’s


Handmade Earrings

BSPK Jewellery 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Questions

Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday:  9am - 4pm │ Closed: Sunday & Monday 

Is the Gallery accessible to individuals with mobility challenges?

Yes, our gallery is fully accessible with double doors and no steps, ensuring easy entry for all visitors.

Where is the Gallery located, and is it easily reachable?

Our gallery is conveniently situated in the pedestrianized crossroads of The Martingate Centre and High Street in Corsham town. This central location ensures easy access for pedestrians and visitors.

Are there parking facilities available near the Gallery?

Absolutely! Corsham town offers 2 hours of free parking in the town centre car parks, making it convenient for visitors to park nearby and explore our Gallery without worrying about parking fees.

Payment ​Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment options, including cash, all major cards (both in person and over the phone), and Apple Pay. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by cheque. 

Do you offer any alternative payment options for larger purchases?

Yes, we provide a convenient gift card option that can serve as a savings card. This means you can add funds to it gradually if you're saving up for a larger purchase at our Gallery. 

Is payment required at the time of purchase for gift cards, or can they be loaded with funds later?

You can purchase a gift card and load it with funds at any time. This flexibility allows you to gradually build up funds for your desired purchase without having to make a large payment upfront.

Facilities ​Questions

Is there an onsite cafe at the gallery?

While we don't have a cafe in the gallery, we're conveniently located opposite 'The Little Kitchen' cafe on the Martingate side and 'Woody' deli across from our High Street window. These offer a great range of refreshments. 

Do you have restroom facilities available for visitors?

Unfortunately, we do not have onsite facilities. 

Can visitors access Wi-Fi or seating areas within the Gallery?

While we don't provide Wi-Fi or seating areas within the Gallery, you're welcome to explore our exhibitions at your own pace. If you're looking for a place to relax or access Wi-Fi, we recommend visiting one of the nearby cafes or delis mentioned earlier.


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